Can we Travel the Cosmos ?

By: Abhay Kaushik
08 February 2021

Earth being part of our Solar System in the Interstellar neighbourhood of numerous other orbital systems of the Milky-way galaxy to our local galactic group of Virgo Super-Cluster only in the 4% of our observable universe. This is a vast entity that spreads to a diameter of 93 billion light years considering a sphere.

The man willing to unveil all the secrets of this vast entity. Would it be possible for humans to be the fastest traveller in the universe exceeding the speed of light to explore any celestial volume they wished? Or do we even need to travel to reach cosmos?

Well, it would be definite form the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that an entity having mass would never attain the speed equal to that of light. Though, it takes around 4 hours for the light to reach Neptune from Sun in our tiny solar system. So, could we widely explore cosmos even after achieving the speed of light?

For which the definite answer would be NO. Then how can we do this more efficiently?

Well yes… if your guessing the concept of Worm Holes that’s right !!

So far, there have been two most probable theories regarding the worm holes. Most of us are aware of the singularities in space-time, the black holes, whose existence was confirmed along with a first picture of it captured in the recent times. However, the hypothesis of white holes and their linkage to the black holes linkage known as worm holes still remains. If this turns out to be true, it would be definite that we could transfer at least energy in the beginning stages, from one cosmic volume to the other. This wouldn’t be an easy task though. The expectancy or the probability of either the black holes or the white holes is not a human job as their position cannot be determined by time for an instance.

The other relevant hypothesis shares the concept of quantum entanglement that relates particles in a universe, clearly stating that any kind of disturbance or change experienced by one particle in a universe would result in a similar simultaneous change by some other particle belonging to the same universe. Let’s have a look at quantum entanglement and apply the concept here.

Defining it would state quantum entanglement as a physical phenomenon that can be noticed when a pair or group of particles interact or share special proximity such that the quantum state of each particle in the entangled particles cannot be explained independently even if they are separated by an enormous distance in space-time. This interaction would give a mass result when having a collectively large particles at spatial volumes like the worm holes.

Then did we actually reveal the phenomenon in a worm hole ??

Let’s discuss… A worm hole maybe a collection of entangled pairs at two different points of space-time that could illustrate the transfer of energy or matter with a similar time rate that illustrates a travel, faster than light. If yes, you don’t actually need to travel you kind of teleport into a different cosmic space. Then, the several questions that strike… Can worm holes be created or destroyed ?… How do they actually behave ?… Is their occurrence a probability ?…

Also, here is a brain storming question for you. Do you think this phenomenon would happen as the base of matter or energy ? Just have thought on it…

Well, any answer until now haven’t definitely solved this hypothesis. The young minds out there would reveal something that solves at least few of the cosmic secrets !!