Our Activities

Observation Nights

             This is one of the most awaited events besides being conducted regularly throughout the year. Using our 12” Dobsonian Telescope, we get our members to view the wonders of the night sky. Ranging from the majestic views of planets of our solar system and the Moon’s craters to utterly magnificent views of the deep space including star clusters and nebulae.

Energy Auction

        Winning the maximum registrations award for tree times in a row, it is a tech-cum-fun event including a treasure hunt and a grilling auction round. Participants have to solve clues in order to earn money which they use to auction parts to build a machine on which they are ultimately judged.

Astrometrica Workshops &
Asteroid Search Campaigns

        We teach our participants how to search asteroids through the Astrometrica software in regularly conducted campagins organised by International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) with NASA and Pan-STARRS. A number of our members have discovered provisional asteroids in the past.

International Astronomy
& Space Olympiad

         IASO is a 3-days long online event which receives huge participation every year. It is open for students of different age groups all around the world and has exciting prizes.